Serious and Untold Danger of Fast Diets

The main danger of fast diets is that they concentrate their effectiveness in excess of a certain type of nutrient and the lack of others which generate unsavory imbalances in the body. It surely thins you very rapidly, but at the expense of losing fluid, muscle and little fat, which is what really matters. In addition, at the end of the diet, the lost weight is recovered very swiftly. Depending on the type of fast diet, the risks are different and I have listed some risks based on the main rule of the diet.

Diets Low in Protein

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The Atkins Diet and its 4 Phases

The Atkins diet is based on an almost exclusive consumption of 90% of proteins from red meat, sausages, cheeses, eggs, seafood, butter, margarine, oils, mayonnaise, butter, cream or whole milk yogurt, etc. You can only eat 10% of carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits and you are not allowed to consume foods like pasta, flour, rice, bread and pastries, legumes, sugar, alcohol and milk. Green vegetables should not exceed 50 grams per meal.

As per Dr Atkins’ view, insulin is the hormone responsible for weight gain and the ingestion of sugar or any carbohydrate makes this hormone stimulated, which, according to this erroneous theory, turns out to be the most dangerous food. However, if fat is consumed, acetone secretion is stimulated by suppressing hunger.

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6 Disciplines to Shape Body Perfectly

Getting to be fit takes a lot of efforts as well as willpower. So when people face the tedious training in a gym and changes in diet, in most cases, they finally abandon the efforts after some time. Undoubtedly, finding a pleasant and suitable to our tastes activity is essential for an enviable body. Here I offer some activities  for everyone that you can start without laborious efforts and will notice the results in no time and you will burn fat and shape your body.

1 – Zumba

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Apple: A Jewel of Health and a Perfect Add-on to your Weight loss Plan

Apples are the perfect add-on to your weight-loss plan. It is low in calories and fat, low in sodium, fiber, vitamins and minerals as well, to help you lose weight.

Fibers get expand in your stomach and takes less food to satisfy your hunger to help you feel full longer. Apples are low-sodium food and help prevent excess water weight or retention. The vitamins contained by apple are good for health and keeps you active. No doubt, keeping yourself active help you burn extra calories to boost your weight loss. Apple the jewel of healthy eating contains enzymes that might aid efficiency of digestion.

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10 Ways to speed up Weight Loss

In search of few ideas to speed up you weight loss? You are at right page at right time. Follow these 5 tips to get fast results of weight loss.

Stop Eating 3 hours before Bed

Try to stop eating 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. You body need time to work off your meals, and eating any later then this means that you are putting loads on your metabolism. Your breakfast shout be the largest portion of your food as you have plenty of time and energy left to burn those calories off.

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Focusing Specific Goals to Maximize Your Bodybuilding Workouts

Most if not all want a well developed beach body, but that is not a goal that takes you towards your vision. It is better to make specific goals before starting your workout plans.

Most trainees are not aware of plan their workout according to their needs. Getting huge is not a goal. Even those who are clear with their goals often fail to take factors like time, experience and energy level into consideration.

Answering 2 Question may help you focus your goals.
Question No: 1 – What am I doing these workouts for?
What I am working for is the basic question? Here are essentially two possible replies for this.

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Herbal Treatments Prevent Balding, Stop Hair loss & Re-grow Hairs

Most if not all people are concerned to have lush locks and do anything to avoid further hair loss and re-grow hair. With claim to promote hair growth, many pharmaceutical products are available with never claimed dangerous side effects. Herbal and natural treatments are free from any negative side effects. They have been used for centuries to treat the scalp and hair, and even for prevention of baldness.

Mostly, hair loss is in genetics, yet there are other factors like hormonal changes, poor nutrition, chemotherapy, thyroid disease and few types of medication. Below are few natural remedies to help restore your hair and slow down the hair loss problem.

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What are the causes of Tinnitus and Its Effect on Hearing?

Tinnitus is not the disease but it is a condition that effects and irritates the brain with uncontrollable sounds like throbbing beats, irritating and maddening whines. As a result all these sounds affect our general hearing. Imagine if you are listening to your favorite song, or a talk show or news on your television over a continuous loud whistling back ground, this is what tinnitus is about.

Effect of Infection and Aging
Hearing is affected with aging and infection. The minimum hearing loss can lead to the sensitivity of some sound being lost. Consequently it allows the background tinnitus effect to become more audible.

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Customized Fat Loss Review

If you are worried about your weight gain problems and looking for the best possible method to dissolve extra fat in your body, you need to show commitment and do hard work. There are a variety of diet plans, products and medicines available in market claiming to produce best results. Although these products make loud claims of their effectiveness but every product is not exactly useful as claimed or promised.

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