Acrylic Nails Tips

There are two ways to acrylic nails: Tips on and on forms. The easiest way to perform this procedure at home required some tips. In addition to the acrylic composition you need a piece of cloth or towel, nail file for cutting and polishing spray primer (which provides good adhesion between the coating and the fingernail), brushes, glue, clear varnish finish-gel and oil for cuticles.

Price of all necessary gels varies from different vendors which can be easily purchased or can be ordered online. Technology to build acrylic nails can be divided into several stages. The first phase is the preparation of nails to build. Wash your hands, clean it with spray then rub down with the major sanding nail file along the lines of nail growth, take out a layer of the nail and dust with a large brush.

Small nail file moves the cuticle, apply primer to the nail, and stay away from getting in touch with with the skin. Let it dry out, which can easily fits the size of the nail, glue and receive to absorb all the bumps on the sides, cutting off the top of the tips. Leave the preferred length and give it the outstanding shape. Nail polish once again has been together with tips to smooth out the bumps in the gluing. Again, clean nail brush and apply a primer again.

The nail is ready for the building process. If you decide to do the “French manicure”, it is necessary to apply a white acrylic ball and distribute it evenly over the entire nail surface. Brush infuses in liquid assets and does well on the nail “ending”. For pink ball acrylic nails relate it to make the white and pink layers indistinctly overlap. Another pink ball will be place on the cuticle spot.

Tenderly acrylic, the surface of the nail smoothly as the surface becomes damp. Wait until for the dry acrylic fingernail and start leveling. We must start with the irregularities on the sides, and then you can polish the nail surface. After a well spent polishing the light should reflect well on the surface of the nail. Now it is the turn to eradicate the gel or clear varnish for the final conclusion.

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