4 Common Issues in Teeth



For a bright smile and good oral health, it is necessary that you avoid the most common oral problems and here we will talk about some of the common oral health issues so that you can keep your oral health good.

1 – Decay

Tooth decay is an infectious disease that progressively attacks all parts of the tooth and can have very serious consequences for dental health. It arises when some foods containing sugars and carbohydrates remain trapped between teeth or molars and are not removed with the toothbrush or flossing. The bacteria make acid from the food remains and weakens the teeth.

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Robot Performs Surgery inside the Eye for the First Time Globally



For the first time in the world, ophthalmological surgeons engaged a robot for performing a surgery inside the eyeball for the first time in the world. A team of surgeons in John Radcliffe Hospital situated in Oxford took the help of a robotic device christened ‘Preceyes’ in order to extract an extremely thin membrane from the retinal wall inside the eye. Medical professionals guided a clinical needle into the retina using a joystick attached to the robot. The septuagenarian patient, Dr. Bill Beaver whose eye was operated upon robotically worked as a chaplain for the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment till 2015.

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Misconceptions That People Have About the High Blood Pressure in Children

High blood pressure, also known as the silent killer, has been a major contributor in spreading heart attacks and strokes. Mostly high blood pressure is seen as an adult disease, but now, it is plaguing children at an increasing rate. This is mostly due to the global obesity epidemic in children that has created strong chances of hypertension in children.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition when your heart pumps blood against the walls of the arteries at an abnormally higher pressure. The condition can be prevented by increasing the use of fruits and vegetables in the diet. The idea is to neutralize the sodium intake by providing potassium in the body that is present in fruits and vegetables. Other than that, regular physical activities also create a better control over hypertension.

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Science of treatment without drugs: Physiotherapy treatment

As the medical advancement has evolved with the span of humanity, life expectancy as well as standard of living has increased. But all the diseases cannot be cured through standard medical procedures, which involve extensive drug use. There is a way out of it. A standard practice, which is followed all over the world, which is drug free and yet it is known to cure many major diseases, that miracle of medical science is known as Physiotherapy.

physiotherapy machines

  • Meaning and significance of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a science which is primarily dedicated to identify a person’s upmost potential of their moving ability during their live span. It is promoted through various physical activities to cure:

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Have Sleeping Troubles And Want To Solve Them

It is quite essential for an individual to take legitimate sleep which can let him work in an optimum way. It is something which is important to have because of many other reasons. If an individual is unable to have a proper sleep then it can result in health related problems as well as create memory issues which are not good for him. Maybe it is due to obstructive sleep apnea. Therefore, it is inevitability and treating obstructive sleep apnea is a must because it is a major cause of not getting an apt sleep.


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Herbal Treatments Prevent Balding, Stop Hair loss & Re-grow Hairs

Most if not all people are concerned to have lush locks and do anything to avoid further hair loss and re-grow hair. With claim to promote hair growth, many pharmaceutical products are available with never claimed dangerous side effects. Herbal and natural treatments are free from any negative side effects. They have been used for centuries to treat the scalp and hair, and even for prevention of baldness.

Mostly, hair loss is in genetics, yet there are other factors like hormonal changes, poor nutrition, chemotherapy, thyroid disease and few types of medication. Below are few natural remedies to help restore your hair and slow down the hair loss problem.

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What are the causes of Tinnitus and Its Effect on Hearing?

Tinnitus is not the disease but it is a condition that effects and irritates the brain with uncontrollable sounds like throbbing beats, irritating and maddening whines. As a result all these sounds affect our general hearing. Imagine if you are listening to your favorite song, or a talk show or news on your television over a continuous loud whistling back ground, this is what tinnitus is about.

Effect of Infection and Aging
Hearing is affected with aging and infection. The minimum hearing loss can lead to the sensitivity of some sound being lost. Consequently it allows the background tinnitus effect to become more audible.

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How To Get Rid Of Insomnia

If evening walks are not possible for any reason, try to get rid of insomnia by calming measures. This may be done by reading your favorite books, watching a light comedy or melodrama.

Good bedtime with room ventilation
Cure of insomnia involves perseverance of the day, so try not to endure your sleep occasion from midnight to morning or afternoon because time is considered to be the most useful for healthy sleep. To exterminate the apprehension of insomnia, you need to make the adherence of early sleep at a certain time. And, of course, do not load up too much before resting: it is better to impose food intake with a number of hours before bed to lie down without feeling heaviness.

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Rules For Storing Food In The Refrigerator

You almost certainly observed that the products stocked up in the refrigerator, dry out much faster than in common conditions. The reason is that the air in the refrigerator always dries, and dry air accelerates evaporation. Drying is typically conducted by devaluation in the value of the product. To avoid this, the product must be kept in a firmly closed hamper.

Moreover, the storage of food in closely perpetuated container allows, first, to stay away from get in touch with raw and prepared food, which is very imperative for the anticipation of toxic conditions and, secondly, to prevent the appearance of the product outside, uncharacteristic odor. It is equally important to properly prepare the products for storage. Putting them in the freezer should be done only after they have become cooked and cooled.

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