Robot Performs Surgery inside the Eye for the First Time Globally



For the first time in the world, ophthalmological surgeons engaged a robot for performing a surgery inside the eyeball for the first time in the world. A team of surgeons in John Radcliffe Hospital situated in Oxford took the help of a robotic device christened ‘Preceyes’ in order to extract an extremely thin membrane from the retinal wall inside the eye. Medical professionals guided a clinical needle into the retina using a joystick attached to the robot. The septuagenarian patient, Dr. Bill Beaver whose eye was operated upon robotically worked as a chaplain for the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment till 2015.

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Vision Without Glasses Review

vision without glassesHaving a poor vision can lead to permanent glasses, contact lenses or eye surgery. There are different exercises available for improving vision power, but they can only help in controlling accuracy of your vision and for declining vision, you might not be able to find a solution that can help in regaining it back.

People try different methods to restore the vision, but when they are unable to think of any definite solution, they go for the last option of surgery. It is a painful process and can cause side effects too, so it is best to explore all options before going for any painful treatment. The natural treatment by Duke Peterson namely Vision Without Glasses could be a good solution for you.

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