Diet Solution Program

Weight gain is a very common problem which has made lives of people miserable due to health and social issues. When trying to reduce extra weight, people start diet programs without having proper knowledge of nutritional needs. It is not advisable as it affects your body fat but along with muscles and causes weakness.

It is, recommended to have proper guidelines by a professional to follow any diet plan. Isabel De Los Rios has tried to help people acquire necessary knowledge relating to dieting through her e-book ‘The Diet Solution Program’.

Important Details About The Diet Solution Program

  1. Isabel’s product is an e-book containing 95 pages with handful of valuable information on advantages and disadvantages of different types of foods and she has developed a meal plan to be followed for 20 days.
  2. The ebook also contains various recipes and plans for various types of metabolic individuals.
  3. A questionnaire has also been provided to assess metabolic type.
  4. To keep the record of performance, a journal has been provided.
  5. The diet plan has to be followed with a simple workout routine.
  6. The program by Isabel De Los Rios is based on scientific facts and focuses on metabolic activity.
  7. The product is provided as a comprehensive package including;a diet solution program manual
    • testing metabolic type
    • success journal
    • information about 10 most common mistakes made while dieting
    • 60 exclusive diet plans
    • quick start guide
    • recipe guide
  8. Isabel also offers platinum upgrade with the product. The advantages of platinum offer include;
  • audio tutorials on meal planning
  • facility of consultation with Isabel through email
  • advanced meal plans

Who is Isabel De Los Rios?

diet solution programDiet Solution Program has been made by Isabel De Los Rios. By profession, she is a certified nutritionist and an exercise coach. She also owns a fitness and nutrition centre namely New Body Centre in New Jersey. Isabel has done excessive research to develop link between diabetes and diet in order to help her mother who was a patient of diabetes.


  1. Changing eating habits suddenly is never easy and takes lots of willpower and mental strength to avoid eating food you love.
  2. Although ebook contains a quick start guide, it does not mean quick results, so patience is required to see the obvious results.
  3. This ebook can be purchased online only.
  4. Some basic theoretical information is missing which could have been useful to gain confidence of users.


  1. The diet has been developed scientifically due to which user never feels lower energetic.
  2. The effect of this plan not only reduces fat but increases health and makes the user physically fit.
  3. Recipes suggested by Isabel are cheap and easy to make.
  4. Simple language has been used to make the ebook understandable.
  5. Information on errors made by most of individuals during weight loss practice is advantageous as by avoiding these better results can be achieved.
  6. Product can be instantly downloaded from the web.
  7. Money back guarantee is an additional benefit.
  8. Product comes with valuable bonus offers.

The Final Verdict: Diet Solution Program Scam Or Not

The exercise coach and certified nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios, after some extensive and useful research designed this program which is a comprehensive guide on diet solution. Her ebook Diet Solution Program tells about the advantages and disadvantages of various foods and proposes an exclusive diet plan with exercise routine to help people get rid of excessive fat. The program comes with money back guarantee and platinum upgrade which confirms the genuineness and proves that this is not a scam diet system and if you are prepared enough to lose weight, you can get this program right now.

diet solution program

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