Everything You Need to Know About Chemotherapy

Cancer is one of the deadly disease of the planet now and it is affecting millionsevery year. Cancer is not only affecting the patients, but drains the families and friends both emotionally and physically. Several types of cancer treatment is emergingevery day and they are giving various results for the patient. Various treatment provides various results, but the most common form is chemotherapy because it is said to provide the best results and makes the patient live longer.

What is chemotherapy?

In this treatment cancer cells are killed by the use of certain typesof chemical that are inserted into the human body. It destructs the cancerous growth of the cells and the cancer cells. It alsoprevents the cancer cells from spreading to various other parts of the body. Various kinds of cancers are treated by chemotherapy, and it is generally used with various kinds other cancer treatment types.

How it is given to a cancer patient?

It is given via various ways and the chemotherapy cost in India also varies according to the type of chemo is given to the patient. It can be given in the form of pills or liquid syrups and other forms of medicines. It is also injected at time when he needs to inject the chemo directly into the vein arises. It is injected in muscles and on the subcutaneous layer of the integumentary system as well. It can also be injected directly into the abdomen or in the bladder. It is also given directly in an organ when the need arises. There is another kind where the treatmentisdone by rubbing it as a cream on the patient’s body. Sometimes when situation permits chemotherapy is given through catheters as well. Ultimately your doctor will advise according to the stage when your cancer has advanced to and also depending on the conditions of your body as well. Also, another factor is that whether you have other diseases or not because it will affect your chemotherapy a lot.

How often it is done?

It is done on the basis of the advancement of your cancer type. Also, another very important factor is how your body reacts to chemotherapy and how well it is suiting itself to the after effect of the chemotherapy. Also, the type of chemotherapy treatment you are receiving can cause the delay of the treatment procedure and chemotherapy treatment cost in India also rises with the increase in number of days the chemo is given. Some people need only one sitting whereas others might need weeks or months depending on their body and the disease they are facing. There are always rest periods given between two chemo and try to stay healthy both physically as well as mentally during this time.

Chemotherapy will cause lots of side-effects and it will be up to you to stay strong at least mentally during this time. Rest periods are very vital for cancer patients and they will need to revive their body during this time by following the doctor’s orders properly and talking enough rest and following a healthy diet. Try not to work hard during this time.

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