How to Make Your Weight Loss Goals



Do your monthly or weekly goals involve health, nutrition, weight loss and being more active? If Yes! These 4 steps are enough to guide you how to achieve what you need.

Make SMART Goals About What You Really Need To Achieve

SMART means goals that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Your weight loss goals must be specific including physical activity changes; they must be measurable like running 2 miles without stopping or doing yoga 2 mornings every week. They must be Attainable like changing your eating behavior in a month not just in a day. Your goals must be realistic like eating balanced meals at home every week or eating a fresh fruit in the morning each day. In the last time is the important factor, so give realistic time to all your macro or micro goals.

Remember losing weight is not your actual goal, but it is the result of the small goals that you make to lose your weight.

Make a list of your goals by following these guidelines:

Make specific goals and List down them down in positively statement by following these guidelines

Positive Example

“I will eat one fresh fruit and a cup of yogurt within thirty minutes of working out 5 times a week.”

Negative example: “I will never eat unhealthy food after workout.

Your Goal must be significant to you.

Positive example: “I want to work out 30 minutes a day 3 times a week.”

Negative example: “I should work out 30 minutes a day 3 times a week.”

Your weight loss Goals must be attainable and under your control.

I must enjoy half cup of low fat cottage cheese and 1 banana after running on Tuesday and Thursday every week.

Stay on the top of all your nutrition.

Maintaining energy whole day, build balanced snacks and meal. For balanced meals combine at least 3 of your 5 food groups to ensure that you are taking all the necessary nutrients your body needs every day. This will enable you to feel full and satisfied after every meal.

Pair at least 2 food groups for the snacks. Combination of protein rich meal with a nutrient rich carbohydrate option is best. Carbohydrates are main source of energy for your brain and muscles and protein gives the building blocks to build and repair your muscles.

Keep your nutrition on the track and begin with some easy to prepare breakfast ideas if you want to reach such weight loss goals.

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