Misconceptions That People Have About the High Blood Pressure in Children

High blood pressure, also known as the silent killer, has been a major contributor in spreading heart attacks and strokes. Mostly high blood pressure is seen as an adult disease, but now, it is plaguing children at an increasing rate. This is mostly due to the global obesity epidemic in children that has created strong chances of hypertension in children.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition when your heart pumps blood against the walls of the arteries at an abnormally higher pressure. The condition can be prevented by increasing the use of fruits and vegetables in the diet. The idea is to neutralize the sodium intake by providing potassium in the body that is present in fruits and vegetables. Other than that, regular physical activities also create a better control over hypertension.


The biggest reason why hyper tension scare people is that it shows no signs or symptoms. Hence, it is reallyimportant that every person keeps an eye on their blood pressure using a blood pressure monitorIndia. People who don’t pay attention to their blood pressure, sometime face harsh consequences in the future. Blood pressure damages heart, blood vessels and kidneys.

There are some misconceptions among people regarding the high blood pressure in children.

ý  Hypertension has nothing to do with children

There are 3 to 5 percent of children out there who have hypertension and the percentage is even higher than the percentage of children suffering from autism or epilepsy. Hence, it is very important to keep a check on the blood pressure of children as it affects their health. The chances of high blood pressure increase if the child is suffering from obesity or there is a family history of hypertension.

ý  Secondary causes are the main reasons for pediatric hypertension

First of all, you need to know the two classifications of the hypertension.

  1. Primary- There are no medical conditions, which can be spotted for causing the hypertension.
  2. Secondary- This type of hypertension is usually caused by some kind of disease.

Earlier, secondary causes were thought to be the main reason behind the hypertension problems in children, but due to increased obesity and changed lifestyle and dietary patterns, primary hypertension is becoming very common in children.

The factors like obesity, premature birth, low birth weight, lack of physical activity, caffeine and sodium intake, and stress cause the primary hypertension in children.

ý  There is no connection between childhood blood pressure and adult hypertension issues

Many studies have shown that the general daily bad habits of the childhood cause the hypertension issues in adult age. Hence, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce the chances of the hypertension in children.

  • Adding fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and fish to the children’s diet plan would be a great.
  • Children should not be allowed to take too much sweetened beverages.
  • Drinking lots of water is a must.
  • Regular physical exercise in very important
  • Provide a stress-free environment and help the child to cope with problems positively.
  • Keep a check on the blood pressure of the child. There are blood pressure monitorbuy online India options available for people who are aware and concerned about their child’s health.

Hope you got your misconception busted!!!

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