Science of treatment without drugs: Physiotherapy treatment

As the medical advancement has evolved with the span of humanity, life expectancy as well as standard of living has increased. But all the diseases cannot be cured through standard medical procedures, which involve extensive drug use. There is a way out of it. A standard practice, which is followed all over the world, which is drug free and yet it is known to cure many major diseases, that miracle of medical science is known as Physiotherapy.

physiotherapy machines

  • Meaning and significance of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a science which is primarily dedicated to identify a person’s upmost potential of their moving ability during their live span. It is promoted through various physical activities to cure:

  1. Diseases
  2. Injury
  3. Disability

A health problem which is prevented or cured by this technique mainly involves heart and lungs, joints, bones, soft tissue, nervous system. With this technique, you can easily ditch medication or surgery, and it also diminishes the risk of injury so it is beneficial to all kinds of people from sportsperson to common man.

It has variety of applications such as

  • Promotes overall fitness and wellness: both physical and mental.
  • It manages well both acute and chronic cases: from minor sprain to cervical.
  • Through therapeutic exercise practices rehabilitates injury and its post effects.

It Is Just Not A Medical Practice, It’s A Lifestyle!

  • Methods and equipment used in Physiotherapy

Its method of curing mainly includes:

  • Hand or manual therapy- physical treatment through hand massage or elbow massage commonly used for curing muscle fatigue and pain.
  • Acupuncture- A standard Chinese practice, which includes inserting needles precisely at very specific point to relieve pain. Or

In India, it is commonly practiced by using sharp edge equipment to pressurize certain points on the skin to increase the blood flow and also to relieve pain as well as accelerates curing of a disease

  • Pediatrics
  • Neurology

Various equipments used in Physiotherapy are

  • Axial shoulder exercise equipment – Mainly use to exercise front and upper shoulder as well as supination-pronation. A calibrated and sensitive mechanism, which provides adjustment for resistance
  • Set of Shoulder pulley- Involves 2-pulley as suggested by its name, two handles and a rope mainly used for movements of shoulder and elbow.
  • Rotary machine for wrist- It is a height adjustable machine consist of metal drum with resistance that can be calibrated according to need. Range of motion is wide and results can be easily recorded.
  • Electrotherapy machinery includes-
  • Muscle Stimulator- An IC-based therapeutic unit used in stimulation of muscles is considered as electronic marvel as it is capable of producing 4 types of currents, which activate various types of stimulation.
  • Ultrasound therapy unit: It is a computerized micro processor ultrasound therapeutic unit, which provides various modes of treatment as it has built in digital timer unit and a user-friendly control panel.
  • Transcutaneous nerve stimulator: It is a two channel light weight model, which stimulates various end nerves, which are a part of treatment in neurology.

So, these are the physiotherapy machines used for treatment purposes, which are readily available in the market.

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